Salespeople Should Care About Content Marketing, Too

Salespeople have a hard job. They have to make a cold call turn into a sale. They have to tell someone all about what they’re selling and wait for that yes or no. When they hear the no it can be disheartening. If they hear that the person on the other end of the phone doesn’t know what they are talking about or hasn’t heard of the company, they work for then that can be worse. This is why salespeople need to care about content marketing.


How Does Content Marketing Benefit Them?

Content marketing is putting information about a company or product out on the internet that people are going to see. This means the people doing the content marketing set up the articles, interviews, videos, and blogs so that as many people that can will see it.

Content marketing benefits salespeople because it educates their potential clients about the product they are selling and the company they work for. Content marketing can make that uncomfortable cold call a warm call with recognition on the other side of the phone. The fact is people buy from those things they know, and content marketing helps them form an opinion about something before the salesperson even calls them.

How Does Content Marketing Help the Brand?

Branding is an important part of a companies’ marketing plan. The brand is how someone recognizes a company or product. It’s what they can stake their reputation on. Making people aware of the brand is great, and through content marketing they will share with other people on social media which means the brand name and awareness spreads. This helps with the perception of the brand and how people see it.

Perception is a huge driver for people and makes the difference between them buying from you or going with someone else. When people start noticing your brand by just seeing the logo then you know you are doing something online right. People get almost all of their information from the internet now, so they are more apt to trust a company they are seeing everywhere.

Educating the Public

Content marketing, when it’s done well, can educate potential customers on the company and product so they know what they need to know before someone tries to sell it to them. When someone wants to know something about a company or product they go online and search for it. Content marketers know how to set up SEO so that their information will pop up first. This means if someone is on the fence about buying from your company over another that content marketing might send them over the edge.

If a salesperson’s company isn’t engaged in content marketing, then they are going to get those responses that the person on the other side of the phone hasn’t heard of the company or the product. When the content marketing sets up the customer before they call them or interact with them in the store then it will make their job so much easier. This is why salespeople should definitely care about content marketing.


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