How to Win the Trust and Loyalty of Todays Mobile Customer

In the digital age, where everyone has access to reviews, specs, and any other information they could desire in the palm of their hand, trust and loyalty of customers has become harder to gain. When there were only a few brands and new products came out once a year, word of mouth usually did the trick as to what phone to buy or who had the best service. Now product launches are ubiquitous and with everyone claiming they are the unique ones, is anyone?


iphone-410311_1280.jpgWith information readily available, it is more important than ever to gain the trust of your customers and help them to stick around. Below you will find a few ways to snag your audience in the digital age and keep their attention.

Strict Brand Loyalty Doesn’t Really Exist Anymore

Gone are the days when a customer would stick firmly with one brand for their entire lives, making sure to tell their friends and persuade others to join them. While some brands retain many of their customers, one of the best ways to keep your customers for as long as possible is to market directly toward the people who own your product. They will stick with you and buy your products, and then tell their friends why you are the best. Turnover is commonplace, but by marketing new and existing products to current customers, you help build loyalty that keeps them buying from you.

Make Things Easier For The Customer

With nearly 2/3 of America holding a smartphone, odds are they will already have looked at a review or two before ever stepping foot in your store to buy your product. If they are buying something online, expect that reviews will be read long before they ever type in the address to your site.

It may be tempting to make your company look as good as possible, but in reality, even the negative reviews build trust. One customer’s complaint may not worry another, who sees the honesty of the company through the display of negative reviews. Not many customers will trust a company that has zero bad reviews. Make reviews an easy selling point for yourself and invite customers to look for reviews. They’ll take you more seriously and when you impress them, they are much more likely to post a supportive review themselves.


Want to find out how best to reach your customers, ask them. There is no better way than going straight to the source to find out how they want to be marketed to, what they are looking for in a product, and how they want it delivered. After all, they are the ones that drive your business so you should probably listen to them and develop a plan from there.

Overall, marketing to customers in today’s mobile age is difficult, but with a little research and know-how, reaching your target audience is achievable. Brand loyalty is changing, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t work diligently to retain customers and let them sell your product for you. Nothing works better than a great review from a brand to save you some money on marketing.


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