Top 10 Wallet-Friendly Date Ideas  


Everyone deserves to have a great and romantic time with his or her significant other without worrying on the budget for the day. There are a lot of ways on how to have a romantic and great time without spending much from your wallet. Whether you are planning a special day or you just want to give your significant a special day in an ordinary day, you should consider this 10 wallet friendly ideas.


Go For A Hike


Try to go outdoors once in a while especially when the weather is nice instead of just staying in malls or other restaurants. However, this will depend upon your partner whether she likes to hit the trails. Some consider it as fun since you will be able to have a nice picnic in the hilltop or park. It will only cost you a small amount of cash since what you have to pay is just the transportation fees and snacks for the trip. You can also consider renting a canoe or watch a free movie being played in the park. If you are near at a national park, it would even be better to go out there and feel the wonders that nature can offer.


Boat Ride


Although boat rides are sometimes costly, there are many private owners who allow their boats to be rented. Boat rides never cease to amaze your partner since it is one of the romantic and invigorating dates on the list. You would want to buy some foods and drinks for your boat ride adventure.


Minor League Sports Game

Tickets purchased to college sports games and semi-professional games can be costly compared to the tickets offered to major league sports game. You can cheer your voice out during the entertainment and it will be so much fun because you have something to talk about after the game.


Back To School


Community colleges conduct an open to the public classes and events. This will still depend on your partner. Make sure that her interest is within the scope of the classes or events you attend. You can consider attending book reading and free poetry reading, music recitals, or other interesting lectures. Both of you can even sign up on a continuing education. There’s nothing bad in gaining knowledge while you are having a date.


Guided Tour


To make your date more romantic, you can go for a guided tour and go stargazing at night. There are parks, colleges, and parks which offer free tours. You can also check if the place you are on tour has offers like bird watching or any kind of edifying tours.


Go To Weird Museums


Try something new! Aside from going to colleges and try out their different events and other lectures, you can visit weird museums. A lot of museums are free of charge. What you will have to budget is your transportation fees and foods after your museum tour. It will even be easier to have free access on numerous museums if you have a Merrill Lynch or Bank of America credit card.


Free Movie Screening


There are parks or other places which offers free movie screenings. It is better to watch free advance movies rather than paying just to see a movie in the cinemas.


Out For A Brunch

No one can deny the fact that dining out is a classic and romantic date experience. However, it will be less expensive if both of you have brunch rather than have breakfast and lunch together in a single day.


Home-cooked Dinner

Homemade dinner is the best when it comes to preparations at home. Your effort will be much appreciated by your dinner when you fix your own dinner.


Stay In Movie And Dinner


This is the second favorite preparation during the Valentine’s Day. You can consult Date Night Movies so as to help you find a movie which both of you like.





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