Teach Yourself to Love a New Food by Adding a Dash of Fat, Sugar, or Salt

Life’s too short to be constantly weighing, measuring, nibbling and gagging over food you’d rather not be eating, Every time we turn on the TV or listen to the radio, we’re told to eliminate something else in our diet that has always been promoted as healthy in the past. A host of slick marketing techniques have certainly convinced most people that sugar-free, salt-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free and caffeine-free means disease-free and healthy. They don’t add that it means being miserable at the same time. There are lots of new foods that are just dying to be tried by you, but without a dash of what you like – fat, sugar and salt – it may not even be worth a try.


Even Foodie Experts can’t Agree on Fat, Sugar and Salt

The sickening part is that even so-called professionals can’t agree on what we should be eating anymore. Sugar, salt, fat – they get the blame for almost every modern day disease, yet now we’re being told that fat is one of the body’s most basic building blocks and that by following a low fat diet we’re helping ourselves towards becoming obese, diabetic and with heart problems. With food experts all differing on what’s good to eat and what isn’t, it seems the time has come to try each in moderation.

Even if you have decided to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and you baulk at the idea, a dash of fat, sugar or salt isn’t going to do you any harm at all – just make it taste more interesting. In fact the pleasure they bring may well do more good than harm, after all attitude is the key to surviving any kind of diet you’ve opted for.

Life is too Short for Eating Bland Foods
Life is short and we’re constantly being given suggestions to drink more water, drink special shakes, cut out carbs, eat more spinach and cabbage and to choke down bland food without any sauces. We’ve all been exposed to eating rules over the years, and these rules are constantly changing. Whether they are accurate or not, many of us make our lives miserable trying to live by them.

It’s time to debunk a lot of the stuff we have to listen to every time we switch on the TV or the radio. Health is a complex thing and years of so-called health wisdom isn’t always going to cut it. Cutting out salt out of the diet may well be good for one person, but can be dangerous for someone else. Health depends on other ingredients too such as clean water, light, oxygen, good food and happiness. When any of these ingredients are missing , the immune systems falters and our health deteriorates.

Rules worth Breaking

Stress is part of life in the 21st century, and matters are further complicated when we don’t enjoy what we eat or are afraid to try something new. Fat, sugar and salt may well be avoided by many who can’t enjoy life, and a dash of the decadent three ingredients may well be all it takes to herald in relief from rigid rules about their use.


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