When to Bring Up Salary When You’re Interviewing For a Job

No one can deny that when you want to bring up a certain topic with regards to your salary is pretty much a tough gauge to beat. In bringing up this kind of topic, you need to have information or just a scintilla of idea of what kind of numbers you are looking for. Below are just some of the simple rules of thumb which, according to Business Insider, can make your asking be at the right time. The question is, when is the right time? The right time which Business Insider is talking about varies depending on the circumstances or situations. You should know how to be able to sense or get the right timing such as the company is stable, the person you are talking to is not in a very mood, or you can just ask other employees how to get about it.


The overall rule of thumb is this; there will always come a time in the process wherein you will suddenly feel something like your table is turned upside down. Sometimes you will feel that you are no longer trying to show off or sell your qualifications and skills to your employer or to other clients; that it is the employer who is trying buy out or sell you to on the job. When this circumstance or situation happens, you are definitely on the clear and you now start asking for what kind of numbers you want.


You will notice this feeling when your employer normally starts talking about what your position shows, what offer the company can offer, what the company is like, and what opportunities it can give you, this is the time when you come in and start asking about the salary organically.


Bringing up the matter about salary during a hiring manager is interviewing you can be very awkward. It would seem like there is never a good and perfect time or place to start this kind of subject. According to Lynn Taylor, an author and leadership couch, “You don’t want to wait too long, but the last thing you want to do is bring it up too early and annoy the hiring manager” and “If you’re hearing the advice that you should absolutely wait until the second interview to talk pay, or that you must find out in the first phone conversation, consider this: There are no rules, just variables.”


Lynn Taylor would also say that most prospective employers are not just or simply jumping whenever there is a chance to show or divulge salary ranges. The reason for this is that they typically want their office or options wide open. If the hiring manager or employers will immediately divulge that your position would pay you about $75,000 to $100,000, they will have this strong feeling that you won’t go for $75,000.


Here are some of the steps you can make use of in order to determine when and how to start a topic on salary:


Are You Interesting?


You should first figure out whether or not your employer is interested with your skills and qualifications. You don’t want to give your employer that you are just working plainly for the money. You must give them something in return.


Level Of Experience


If you know that you are just a beginner at the job you are applying for, you should know better not to bring up salary during your interview. Starting a conversation with regards to salary works best when you are already an expert on the field you are applying for and that the company will definitely need your expertise.


Know The Risk


Bringing up a topic about salary is not that easy, you need to know the risks and consequences of your actions so that you will be prepared for the outcome or results.









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