Focus On Simplifying Your Budget More Than Optimizing It

The cacophony of noise that surrounds us in the 21st century can affect not only our hearing, but our health. Not only is noise an unwanted and pervasive intrusion in our lives, but so is clutter – the kind of clutter where you make your life more complicated than it needs to be. These days people tend to complicate even simple issues, and there are even ways to simplify your budget as apposed to optimizing it.


For starters, wherever possible, pay ongoing bills online such as your electricity bill, your cell phone and Internet. If they are automatic you never really have to worry about them. Over the years, we’ve all collected credits cards and even bank accounts. Getting rid of all those unused credit accounts can avoid unnecessary fees. Another bonus point is that the less credit cards you have the less statements you get and the less chance of identity theft you have to endure.

Don’t Get Rid of Some Expenses and Take on Others

When you are trying to simplify your budget, you have to pick out ways that will present you with the biggest payoff. It’s no good moving to a cheaper area and then having to spend more money on transport to get to your work or to the shops. It’s no good cutting back on your restaurant spending but then spending more on expensive take-away goods.

The point is that getting rid of some of the expensive categories on your budget list needs to be carried through to ensure overall savings everywhere. We need to be sure we are spending our time and money wisely, so while it is important to consider your spending, wavering over some purchases, driving miles for them can just be a massive waste of time and energy.

Manage Your Time Wisely

When you’re trying to simplify your budget, you need to take into consideration your time too, as will will also have a long-term impact on your spending. People often confuse simplicity with being cheap, but ultimately simplicity is about getting the most out of your resources, and this includes time as well.

With your budget, simplifying your financial well being is also determined by the habits you form. Rather than approaching a purchase from the perspective of whether you can afford it, rather ask yourself ‘should you afford it?‘. The reason for this is that most times the item is something you don’t need, it will clutter your home and you could have paid the money towards paying off a debt or credit card – one less item on your budget list.

Life is complicated enough as it is, and our health is suffering because of it. The buzzword that we should all be taking note of is the word “simplify’ – it would certainly make life a lot easier.



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