Prevent Windshield Wipers from Freezing with an Old Pair of Socks

90% of driving decisions are based on our ability to see the road clearly. Frozen blades can cause barred windows, which will result in a decreased visibility and ultimately higher chance of an accident. During winters, windshield wipers tend to freeze resulting in reduced functionality. At times, the wiper cannot move at all, forcing the driver to manually wash the windscreen. The bottom line is that frozen windshield wipers tend to cause unplanned inconveniences.


The challenge of frozen windscreen wipers can easily be solved using an old pair of socks. This might sound funny but works efficiently. Before the onset of a storm, raise your windscreen wipers and then place old socks over each blade. This will prevent ice buildup, which ultimately leads to freezing. The strategy is quite simple and can be used by every one. After successful use of the socks, they can be stored for later use.

Use of old socks is the most economical, environment friendly and convenient manner of preventing wiper from freezing. There are other methods, which include replacing your wiper blades with special winter blades, which are designed from material that is resistant to freezing. De-icing strips also come in handy keeping your wipers unfrozen. Mount it directly on the windshield and it will work as a permanent squeegee that will scrape ice and snow off the windshield every time it closes the strip. Winter formulae work by preventing wipers from freezing. The fluid is typically yellow or red for the purpose of differentiation with standard wiper fluid.

The key to keeping wipers from freezing is always to lift them before a storm. Glass has a tendency of freezing fast resulting in the blades sticking to it. The lifting of the wipers should always be done even if you are using the special winter blades. This is so since a large pile-up of ice can make it difficult to detach them from the windscreen. The windshield cleaner fluid tank should be filled with winter-related liquid, which in most cases is orange. Spraying deicer on the windshield and wiper blades when you forgot to lift is one of the quickest ways of detaching the frozen blade from the windscreen.

Having unfrozen wipers might not mean much when your windscreen is completely frozen with ice. Your wiper will have a hard time trying to remove this ice and can wear out faster due to this. One of the most effective ways of removing windscreen ice is by use of de-icing sprays. The de-icing spray is sprayed on the windshield and breaks up accumulated ice. This makes the windshield wipers work easier by clearing the way for them. Spraying deicer also helps to remove ice from your windshield.

Having your windscreen wiper working is one of the most important things in ensuring safe travel. As noted, use of socks is cheap and convenient. The socks can always be repeatedly recycled while still maintaining their optimum functionality.



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