Create Your Own Professional-Looking Flower Arrangements on the Cheap

Shops which specialize on flower arrangements can be very expensive, especially when it is peak seasons like its Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Since most flower arrangement shops are expensive, you can just stick by 1 or 2 colors and providing other variations so that you can create your own flower arrangement. Pick and choose your own flowers from the corner stand or any supermarket so that you can make or create your own affordable and professional-looking bouquet on special occasions. It will even save you a lot of cash and you are given the opportunity to test your creativity.


The first and primordial rule I making a good and professional-looking bouquet with fewer budgets on your plate is to buy flowers and other variations from the store by doing away with those brightly colored and finished bouquets. Instead of buying those pre-made bouquets, you can just grab a few of those and create your own by using it and arranging the flowers into 1 or 2 monochromatic colors. Flowers that are white and red go hand in hand and can surely make an elegant bouquet, especially when it’s Valentine’s Day. Just make sure you have white flowers since different shades will just complement it as the arrangement goes. If you want a more professional and good-looking flower arrangement, you can go for different varieties instead of focusing on the colors of the same kind of flowers.


Below are some of the hacks in choosing last minute flowers during a special occasion. According to Taylor Patterson of the Fox Fodder Farm in Brooklyn, you should never be tempted by the pre-made bouquets because they are often a psychedelic freak out of yellows, pinks, red and whites. The simpler the bouquet is the safer and elegant it will look.




In choosing last minute flowers, you should always remember to be monogamous or monochromatic when it comes to the color of your flower arrangement so that it won’t look messy and unprofessional. If you are really ambitious when it comes to bodega flowers, it will create a dead giveaway. In order to make you arrangements look professional and good-looking, you just have to stick on a one type bloom. Just make sure that you have white flowers because it can blend with and flower type you have. You can also use spray roses, tulips, hyacinth, and pom-pom chrysanthemums.




In creating a professional-looking flower arrangement, you need to remember to get mentholated. All you need is just eucalyptus as your flower base. Do away with those baby’s breath and other fillers because it is no longer considered by many as a contributor to the look of your flower arrangement. Eucalyptus is more original and classy compared to baby’s breath. Most of the time, eucalyptus are fresher than baby’s breath. Never forget to look for it in the supermarket when you are buying your last minute flowers for the special occasion.


On Tape


Make a grid at the top of your own flower vase by using a masking tape. Apply the masking tape in a tic-tac-toe style to create a better looking grid. Creating this structure will make things easier. It will hold your flower arrangements in place and makes it easier for you to place the flowers on your vase. The next thing you should do after creating a grid is to a second layer of tape around the rim of your flower vase to finally keep all of your flowers in place.


Stay Fresh


Taylor recommends that you should make sure that there are no foliage or leaves located under the waterline because these are prone to and a magnet when it comes to bacteria. You have to bear in mind to buy fresh flowers and cut it at various lengths so that there will be more space and you arrangement will not look crowded.




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