Three Mistakes to Avoid When Describing Your Current Job in an Interview

Job interviews are always nerve-wrecking. You may have everything under control when it comes to presenting your educational background and your job history, but explaining about your current job is totally another thing. To avoid shame and rejection solely because you fail to explain your current job to the potential hiring manager, here are three common mistakes that people make in telling other people about the work they are doing at the moment:


“What I Am Doing Now is Somewhat Unexplainable”

Your current job description may not be very straightforward, but people will get the wrong impression if you refuse to explain about it simply because “it is hard to explain”. You might say that because your job description involves things that are too technical to talk about. You might also hesitate to explain about it in great detail because you do not want to be an annoying person for bragging about it. Give your best shot at explaining it with a positive speech, and practicing beforehand can actually give you some benefits. You can also try to explain something general about what you do first, and then proceed to the impact that you have brought to the company as well as your role in achieving such impact.

“Passionate and Dedicated”

The company does not need an employee that cannot express their thoughts clearly, or in other words, use too much jargon words which make the explanation highly unclear instead of sophisticated and sharp. Using words that are unclear, difficult and unintelligible might create an impression that you do not really know what you are talking about, so you are just hiding it with the use of big and complicated words to avoid further questions.

You need to be articulate in your answers, find words that are specific, clear but understandable to people who may not know the technical terminologies. It will also help if you explain technical tasks which you have done to ensure that the interviewers really get the essence of what you are doing right now and what your skills and qualities are. Moreover, you can also support your explanation with a real example as well as a predicted outcome or impact.

“I Have Explained That Previously”

One of the employer’s responsibilities includes really getting the idea of your skills and qualities, and this may entail asking for the same questions over and over again. This may happen when you explain about your current job, for example, and it can really be frustrating. However, it is of common knowledge that a potential employer does not only see you for your skills and experience, but they will also see your attitude and upbringing in handling frustrating things. As a result, it is really important to stay calm and manage the professional tone of your voice. Instead, take the opportunity of a repeated question to improve your previous answer so that the interviewer will have a greater idea about your experience. It may be the case that you are being asked the same question for the second time because your previous answer was a bit unclear.


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