10 Stellar Browser Plugins To Assist With Your eBay Online Auctions


Aside from the fact that buying and selling on eBay is fun and self-fulfilling, it offers a great way of letting you earn some extra cash or even look for items which may seem unreachable when you shop. Few people, with the exception of advanced users, know that adding a browser plugin can really make things easier and avoid the pain that is really a daunting task when you use this site.


Fast Search


Firefox and Chrome made fast search on eBay available so as to help every user to search certain items or products more quickly than the usual. It will give you the ability to search on eBay’s international websites, follow search configurations, suggest searches, watch listings, and a lot more. You can even completely customize it and it works great when you use an eBay power user.


eBay Manager


This is available on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. eBay Manager works great for sellers or buyers who tend to be super organized since all of the user’s daily activities can be shown in this extension.




SellerTab will give the users an easy and convenient way to keep track of their seller’s activity. Install this extension will also allow the user to take a look at the highlights of their seller every time they browse and they can also see the new purchases made.


EBay Itself


Since eBay has built up its image, it was able to develop its own plugin and made it available on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. It can allow the users to keep track of their purchases and merchandise they are bidding on. They can even save those searches and stay up to date at the same time.


Amazon Price Comparison


This feature is as simple as searching for the products you want and the extension will just simply show you both the product and marketplaces all at the same time. It is pretty much helpful when it comes to shoppers who are keen enough on getting the best selling price as possible.


What Is It Worth?


The way this plugin works is by getting eBay price average of similar products which have been successfully sold in the past few weeks. It is a good tool when it comes to helping the users in determining whether or not it is worth your time to either buy or sell an item.


eBay Live


This pop-up sidebar is something like a miniature version of the full site of eBay. It allows you to have a quick view of the watched items, sold items, and the like.


eBay Negs


This plugin is only made available on Firefox. Using this extension will allow you to view the negative feedbacks on the seller with just one click. This will aid you on whether or not it is worth purchasing the item.


Currency Converter


When you are purchasing from another country, eBay Worldwide Currency Converter can be very useful. It will take the pain of researching the currency conversions that will allow you to purchase.
Snipe It


This is available for iOS, Android, Firefox, and Chrome. It will give the bidders the opportunity to “snipe” or place a certain bid on the product.




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