7 Ways to Better Manage Your Workforce


Whether you are in a small or big business, you can never deny the fact nor ignore the importance of letting your workforce collaborate with each other to have better results. Here are just some of the few 7 things you might want to consider to better manage your business’s workforce.




You can look for a certain technology that is pretty much easy for your workforce to learn and use. It must institute the entire new system of your business as well as cobble together the different collaboration tools. The technology should be able to help minimize time consumption and confusion among your workforce. You can try Office 365 in order to help you manage your workforce.


Mobile – Friendly


Nowadays, employees do not only work from desktop, tons of them now use smartphones, tablets and laptops for easy access. You can look for the perfect collaboration tools that will fit your business so that there will be more access when using mobile devices instead of just confining it to the desktop computers at the office. You should also make sure that the collaboration tool you chose will work with other platforms so your virtual employees, freelancer, and contractors can stay in the loop and help your business prosper no matter what type of mobile device they are using.




It is also important that you should use a cloud storage solution in order to ensure that your employees can always access files and documents. Microsoft OneDrive can be a good option for most companies. It can even maintain the security of the company’s important or confidential business data.




If your company is just starting off, look for other options that will help you streamline or reduce the things your employees should do. Try exploring on the features offered by Office Delve since it enables your company to search easily and quickly for the files found on your cloud without the possibility of worrying about your folders and filenames.




In today’s generation, getting things together virtually is already a must if you want your business to prosper. Microsoft Office 365 can offer in-app integration with Skype so that your employees can share screens, video chat, or IM each other when needed.


Projects Online


It is also important that your business or workforce can be managed online. In order to push through with this idea, you can use Microsoft Groups in order to create private and public teams wherein it has the ability to access shared inbox, cloud storage for employee’s documents, calendar to schedule and plan meetings, and it also has a shared OneNote notebook so that you are able keep track of your notes and ideas. Your employees can even have conversation within the group for further clarifications and soliciting ideas to make their work better. In addition, Microsoft Groups will enable you to maintain all the emails you receive relating to the group.


Get An Expert


In managing your workforce, it is always best to get an expert on the field you have no idea in. Get a tech expert to manage the subscriptions to your Office 365.





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