These Are The 5 Leading Apps For Editing Photos

Indeed, there is no need to say that apps have become increasingly popular and useful, since smartphones so massively invaded our lives. In order to enjoy all the features and opportunities of the camera of your smartphone at its fullest, you should get some apps for editing photos installed. To make the things easier, we have tested around of a total of 50 apps and picked 5 out of them that deserve your attention the most. However, we did not dare to rank them from the 1st to the 5th place, but we will rather let you make a judgment about it yourself.


What app to choose for editing photos?

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is one of those rare examples which show that an application can become popular starting with Android, not Apple, too. Deservedly, the app, which provides you with features of sharing, enhancement, and editing photos, has become a leading photo editor on the iOS. The app achieved a part of its huge success thanks to a wide range of various filters and picture-editing tools, which make this app seem like a remake of the Photoshop in your smartphone.

The application is basically free, but you can release yourself from ads by buying the app’s full version for just $5.99. PicsArt has to offer you a great social network of its own, similar to Instagram, where you should, however, get registered. You can easily do it by signing up with one of your social network accounts. Nonetheless, if you do not need one more social network, just skip it and shoot as well as edit photos without any account: you will not face any problems for sure.

Your photos you can get from your camera and gallery as well as from such social networks like Facebook and Flickr. However, apart from the above-mentioned social media, the app allows you to share your photos to Whatsapp, Twitter, and even e-mail. In fact, the best option is to shoot photos while having the app open: you immediately get a full range of various filters and tools. Before taking a photo, you can specify such options as textures, borders, light leaks, and enable other effects of multiple layers. PicsArt can brag about a very well-made, simple design that, despite the abundance of tools and filters, does not allow you to get confused.

While taking photos with the application, you can simply revoke the latest action, get better zoom options, get more options of control by clicking on the “Plus” button, see the image before and after editing, and getting the picture to its initial state. After all, you can relish playing with collages: PicsArt is able to offer a number of backgrounds, borders, and layouts, with the help of each you can create a collage and get an original photo.

Unlike Instragram, PicsArt has made an accent on the functionality, not simplicity, of the app. Even though it is hard to say that PicsArt is that difficult to understand and use. If you want to have the capable-of-all tool for editing photos in your smartphone, PicsArt will be, without any doubt, the best choice.

Fotor – Flexible And Simple Photo Editing App

If you have expected to see here something that could amaze you, you will be certainly disappointed. A great value of this app lies in the fact that Fotor is really incredibly flexible and simple. Perhaps, it can be even stated that Fotor is the most easy-to-use app from this list. Besides, the app is available for different platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. However, the versions of the app can noticeably vary depending on the platform.

Well, the first pleasant thing is that Fotor does not annoyingly offer you to sign up for some of its services, which can be counted as a “plus” for the app. Despite its simplicity, there is a quite decent range of various filters, tools, and collages that you can quickly apply to your image. Indeed, even though the app is free, there are some special features that you can unlock only by paying a sum of money. Thankfully, it clearly shows what you have to pay for, and you will not be disappointed after encountering a message “BUY FOR $” right before adding a collage or a tool you have been interested in.

After you will open the app, you will see such options like PhotoBox, Camera, Edit, and Collage. We can recommend you to just go directly to the Camera and shoot photos with the help of Fotor. Once you have opened that move, you will see there a number of excellent tools that will help you to take high-quality photos. For instance, there is a flash mode that allows you to turn your LED on instead of flashing. However, the only drawback is that you cannot record videos with Fotor, but use it only for shooting photos. A bulk of various collages and filters is something that you will definitely like.

In short, this app would be amazing if you had to pay for it. And now, when the app is free, do not lose time and take advantage of it!

Bonfire Photo Editor: An Amazing Photo Editing App

The Bonfire Photo Editor is another amazing app for editing photos that offers a huge array of stunning effects. Created for the Android platform, this application, once again, attempted to combine simplicity with a lot of features. You are given an opportunity to edit your photos in real time and add various “spices” to them. For instance, there are such modes like “Retro”, “Sketch”, “Surrealism”, and a number of others that you would definitely like. A huge number of different shades will only adorn your photos to the better.

With the help of this app, you can make different internet memes, add various elements to the photos, and play with colors as much as you want. Even though there is a wide range of elements for which you should pay, there are sets of basic elements and tools that you can freely use at any cost.

After you will enter the camera of the app, you will see that a menu of options is conveniently located below the camera screen. What gives more good feedback to the app is the fact that, even if you have a free version of Bonfire Photo Editor, you will not see annoying ads popping up all the time.

In brief, it is a good, simple app for photo editing that can brag about the absence of ads and convenient, simple design. What else do you need to wish for?


Instagram, a leader of the market, has recently seen an intense acceleration in the competition from its rivals

Popular Photo Editor Camera MX

Camera MX, another highly popular photo editor, is also a good option to take into consideration, and its popularity has been proved by 10 million of downloads made by users from over a hundred countries. Unfortunately, this is another app available only for the owners of smartphones on the Android platform.

Its popularity is caused in the first place by a huge number of effects and features that the app offers. For instance, you can touch up photos with such effects like Mirror, Lomo, Greyscale, Color Splash, HDR, Thermal, Kaleidoscope, Little Planet, Tilt Shift, and a number of others.

Among other apps, Camera MX stands out thanks to its comfortable gallery, with the help of which you can comfortably sort your photos and videos out. However, its greatest advantage, compared to the rivals of the app, is its “Hard-To-Capture” feature that allows you to see a photo three seconds before it will be actually taken. This unique feature ensures that you will not miss any important moment.

Indeed, the app has a good design and tailored to be easy even for those people who are getting not that well with smartphones. Therefore, this app appeared in this list deservedly.

Lensical Photo Editor

It would be unfair to include another Android app in this list. So, get acquainted with Lensical, a great photo editor for the iOS platform. The core of this application is an incredible simplicity that allows you to easily play with your photos by changing filters or adding funny elements.

It has a beautiful design as well as it allows you to take incredible shots. By the way, you can get images into the app either by importing them from your gallery or taking photos directly from the app. It is a fairly well-designed, beautiful adorned app. However, you will not be satisfied with it in case if you are looking for a serious photo editor. It is rather a kind of application for playing which can find a lot of fans among teenagers.

If you do not expect anything serious from a photo editor, the main purpose of which is to bring fun, then you will definitely like it!


All of these apps have proven their functionality, and so they were deservedly included in this list. Depending on your platform, we would like to suggest you to try out all those apps that are suitable for your phone and decide what app has more value for you.











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