How To Redesign A Logo For A Start Up

Changing your logo can be beneficial to your startup company. Most times, it is only some aspects of the logo that are altered to give a fresh new look. Logo redesign is popular and a lot of huge companies around the world change their logos. But what could be the reason behind redesigning a logo? After all, it is a symbol of the company from the get-go. Let’s explore some reasons why one would need to redesign their company logo.


When Your Logo Looks Too Old

It is not uncommon to find a company logo which is outdated and out of sync with this day and age. There are some company logos which look like they are stuck in the last century. As with everything else since the explosion of the Internet, logos have trends which come and go. This can affect the perception of your brand logo and can negatively affect your reputation. What was exciting in the 90’s now looks old and people can easily tell that it is dated. In order to prevent this problem, you can redesign your logo to match modern designs.

Your Logo Does Not Represent Your Evolution as a Brand

Businesses evolve over time. You might even find that your start-up company is offering different services from what you started out with. A business evolves and focuses on its strengths as a strategy to survive and grow. Therefore, you can find that you have shifted your focus to what was once a small part of your mission. In this case, you would need to redesign your brand’s logo to achieve consistency with what the company does.

Competition from Others in Your Industry

Naturally, human beings want to be associated with good things. Your customers will want to feel that they are working with a company which is up to date. This can be a bit tricky to handle as a start-up company. Ideally, you wouldn’t want to change your logo so frequently that it becomes confusing to the customer. People want something that they can recognize your establishment with. However, if you notice that you are being left behind, it is time to clean up your act and redesign your logo. If all the logos in your industry look fresh and updated and yours remains the same, you risk losing customers. This is more severe if your company has been around for a while.


How Do You Go About Redesigning A Logo?

Redesigning a logo need not be a tiresome and long process. If you have internalized the objectives that you want to achieve with the logo, you can produce a high quality and crisp logo in no time. Here is how you go about redesigning a logo for a startup.

Get To Know What Makes An Effective Logo

If you find yourself in a position where you have to redesign a logo for a startup company, it probably wasn’t designed the right way. In order to produce a logo that will stand out, you have to follow the principles of logo design. Your logo should have the following qualities.

Simple and easy to remember: A simple logo is easy to remember and also easy to recognize. When you look at the evolution of the ‘Target’ logo, you will notice that it gets simpler with time. You can remove unnecessary elements from your logo to give it a cleaner and more professional look. A simple logo is also memorable, which is a characteristic of an effective logo.

Enduring: Your logo should last for decades to come. With this in mind, you should ask yourself what your logo will look like 20, 30 or even 50 years from now. When you are redesigning a logo, you should stick to a design which will last. Avoid using cliché elements in your logo and also keep away from trends.

Appropriate: Redesigning a logo has to accomplish some objectives. A major one should be to make the logo more appropriate. This is especially true in the case that a logo was not understandable by the target audience. Another scenario is when the company has evolved to involve other operations.

Versatile: A versatile logo is one which can be used in different backgrounds, in one color, when the colors are reversed and also in grayscale. Logos which fill these criteria qualify to be versatile logos. A good example is the Nike’s swoosh and the WWF logo which has a giant panda as its main (and only?) element. To make a logo versatile when redesigning will require you to make a good choice of colors or alternatively use black and white.

Ask Your Client About The Finer Details

After you know what is required to design an effective logo, it is crucial to know what the logo should represent. If you are doing a redesign for a client, you should press them on the details. Most of them will give vague descriptions of what they want. Phrases such as “I want an iconic logo” or “a modern logo design” simply won’t cut it. Get to know the core reasons for changing the logo and use this knowledge in your design process. For example, a client may claim to want a “modern” design but actually wants a cleaner logo to compete in the industry.

Do A Deep Research On The Company

Again this applies to graphic designers but it is also helpful for the business owner. Redesigning a logo is not always a bad thing because most times it shows how a company has evolved. You should research all details such as when the company was started, their image to customers, core values, advancements made, and what they offer. This will help you to know what to incorporate into or remove from the current logo. You should also research on the target audience. Remember that your logo redesign will go a long way into the evolution of a brand.

Look For Inspiration On The Internet

There are numerous sites from which you can get inspiration for your logo for. Sites such as Logo Moose and LogoGala have good resources for logo designs. Just resist the temptation of immersing yourself in a lot of designs as you will lose focus.


Also try not to imitate any logos, instead get inspiration from big brands such as CBS, ABC, Nike, London Underground and so forth.

Avoid Using Gimmicky Fonts

A common mistake that designers make when redesigning a logo for a startup company is trying to look ‘cool’. Some people will result to using gimmicky fonts that are free on the Internet. This can backfire because you may find other logos with the same font. Instead, use a solid typeface which will last and can become an iconic logo in time. Using poor fonts also increases the illegibility of your logo and makes it harder for customers to remember it.

Throw Away The First 10 Ideas When Brainstorming

A good graphic designer is supposed to keep the sketches he/she makes before reaching the final image. However, the first few ideas which you have when brainstorming are usually no good. This is because you can fall into the trap of using cliché design. Using a globe to depict ‘international’ or ‘worldwide’ and a light bulb for ideas are examples of such clichés. If you want to redesign the logo and come up with something unique, tossing away those first ideas will help your cause. Furthermore, you will avoid wasting time perfecting designs which are terrible in the first place.

Focus On Colors As Visual Elements

Most of the successful brand logos have a color scheme that has been consistent for long. Mc Donald’s with their signature bright yellow is a classic example. Google also has a unique combination which gives the logo an attractive look. Colors are important in making the logo memorable because humans are visual beings and can easily recognize them in a logo. When redesigning, you can focus on the main color and remove others for a cleaner look. The new Pizza Hut logo has the same bright red but has removed some colors. Alternatively, you can stick to one color and a contrasting background for a simple logo.

Test It

Testing the new logo can benefit your redesigning process. As a member of your organization, you already know about the company, what it produces and also what it stands for. Therefore your opinion on the new logo will be biased. It is good to test the new logo and see how customers will react to it. Yahoo recently updated their logo and in the process of redesigning, they tested the logo on the field. For 30 days, people could provide their feedback as the logo was still undergoing development. The result was a mixed reaction but it got the attention of Yahoo users and got them involved in the brand’s evolution. As a start-up, you can source opinions from social media and also on your website. Ideally, you can use forums from websites such as 99designs which helps companies to promote their logos and brands.



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